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Companies thrive and grow to become successful thanks to passionate, engaged, and innovative people. That’s us! When we work with you, our experience, valuable network of contacts, and innovative approaches will be your company’s most important resources.


With expertise in entrepreneurship, science, and innovation, we provide consulting services to companies at any stage of their development to support their growth on sound grounds. 

LIFT UP FINANCE we  advise you on the most suitable financial support to grow your business either from public or private sources. To streamline our deal flow, we first revise your deck; approximately 10% of decks pick our interest. If yours is successful, we will call you to learn more about your business and your ambitions. Finally, we advise you to get access to finance. 

LIFT UP OPPORTUNITIES we scout companies for you to acquire or invest in, from a global network of start-ups and scale-ups. Our search is tailored to your needs. Our strengths are digital, healthcare and biotech, clean tech, and we have also connections with innovative companies in other industry sectors. Contact us with your requests; we will advise you on being part of new businesses. 

LIFT UP BUSINESS  we advise you to build a novel, customer centric business model, to stay ahead of your competitors, and to become more profitable. We use an hypothesis driven lean approach that will allow you to identify the best way of servicing your customers and innovate your business. 


We are glad to review your case and set a call to discuss it. Contact us at or call us at +49 157 5265 9708. We speak English, Italian, and Spanish.